Girls Getting Sleepy

Victoria Kidnapped 2
with bonus clip

A few months have passed since Victoria was kidnapped and held prisoner in her own home. She was ultimately set free after her terrifying experience and now her parents are ready to let their daughter stay home alone again. But it seems that her admirer has kept his eye on little Victoria, and it's time to strike again. Victoria is made to take a nap after inhaling a dose of chloroform. She is gagged with a shirt and kept as his pet in her own home. She is forced to call her friend and cancel plans for the evening, then it's back to sleep for Victoria.

A second clip is also included in this download. In this clip, Victoria decides that she'd like to role play with her boyfriend. She wants to be his damsel in distress and pretend that she's being rescued after being knocked unconscious. She is knocked out with a neck pinch and another time with chloroform. Each time she is out, her boyfriend rolls up her shirt and extensively admires her bare stomach.

Full Video Details:
29 minutes, 42 seconds
Only $12.99

Key highlights of video include:
  • Knocked out with chloroform twice
  • Gagged with a shirt
  • Ankles and wrists tied
  • Struggles to break free
  • Forced to call her friend and cancel plans
  • Moved to the bedroom
  • Caressed while bound and gagged
  • Features a second clip where Victoria is knocked out with a neck pinch and chloroform
  • No nudity
Available in:

Standard Quality Version
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768 x 432
Total size is 629 MB
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HD Quality Version
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1280 x 720
Total size is 1.10 GB
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