Girls Getting Sleepy

Unexpected Guest

Lily has been sent to collect a debt that Winter owes her employer. She hides in Winter's kitchen, waiting for her to come home, and then knocks her out with a club the moment she walks through the door. After making sure Winter is out cold, Lily searches her room and finds no money to collect. She wakes Winter up and interrogates her, only to find that Winter has nothing for her to take. Out of frustration, Lily again knocks Winter out with a blow to the head, and continues searching the room for anything of value.

The tables are turned when Winter begins to wake up and finds Lily rummaging through her belongings. She sneaks up behind Lily and smacks her ontop of the head with the club. Now it's Lily's turn to take a little nap.

Full Video Details:
06 minutes, 44 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Winter knocked out with club to head 2 times
  • Lily knocked out once with a club to the head
  • Dazed before passing out
  • Limp and manipulated
  • Both girls dragged while knocked out
  • No nudity
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