Girls Getting Sleepy

Summer Knocked Out & Hypnotized

Summer is home alone, sleeping in the nude, when an unwanted intruder lets himself in. Summer is startled when he enters her bedroom. He quickly knocks her unconscious with a club and pulls back the bed sheets to reveal her naked body. He fondles her tits for a bit before waking her up and hypnotizing her with a swinging pocket watch. In a trance, Summer follows the intruder down the hallway. Again she is knocked out with a club and fondled while she sleeps in a chair. She is woken up once more and hypnotized again. This time she sits in a daze with her arms stretched out repeating "yes master, you can fuck me". A short clip, but hot!

Full Video Details:
7 minutes, 38 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Knocked unconscious with head KO twice
  • Hypnotized with a swinging watch twice
  • Nude the entire clip
  • Fondled while unconscious
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