Girls Getting Sleepy

Sleepy Sisters

Kiara and Stella have a friend named Jim. He's on his way over to see the girls, but they are less than excited. Whenever Jim is over, the girls lose consciousness and wake up hours later. They can never figure out what Jim has done to them, but they know something isn't right.

During this visit, Jim tells them both to close their eyes because he has a special surprise for them. The girls reluctantly comply. Each girl is then hit over the head with a club. Their eyes roll up and they pass out cold. Jim spends the next 15 minutes playing with their limp bodies and pulling their big tits out of their tops. When he's had enough, he simply walks out and leaves the girls to sleep it off.

Full Video Details:
14 minutes, 32 seconds
Only $10.99

Key highlights of video include:
  • Each girl is knocked out cold with a hit over the head.
  • Their bare chests are pulled out of their tops and fondled.
  • Arms and legs are repositioned and dropped limp.
  • Limp bodies are played with and rolled onto the floor from the couch.
  • The girls do not wake up the entire time.
  • Barefoot.
  • Both girls topless.
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HD Quality Version
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1920 x 1080
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