Girls Getting Sleepy

Sleepy Oil

Khloe is 6 months pregnant and not in a very romantic mood. Her husband is tired of getting neglected so he plans a little revenge on his wife. He leaves a bottle of "sleepy oil" on the counter for her, that will put her to sleep after it's rubbed into the legs. He calls Khloe from work and tells her that he left some baby oil for her on the counter. She rubs the oil into her leg and is knocked out shortly after.  Now that he is sure Khloe is passed out cold, her husband comes home from work early so that he can play with his sleeping wife.

Later, he hypnotizes Khloe, while she is still groggy from the oil, and turns his pregnant wife into his slave.

Full Video Details:
17 minutes, 08 seconds
Only $12.99

Key highlights of video include:
  • Put to sleep when special oil is rubbed into her legs (2)
  • Wakes up groggy and out of it
  • Limp and manipulated
  • Felt up while passed out
  • Hypnotized with pocket watch
  • Sleepwalking/zombie-walking scene
  • Repeats mantras and "yes, masters"
  • Barefoot
  • Topless
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