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Muscle Girl Alexis Knocked Out

Alexis is an intense personal trainer, hired by a woman to get her husband into shape. But Alexis's methods of body shaming and tough talking don't go over well with the husband. After a couple sessions like this, he realizes something must be done about this annoying bitch. He knocks her out cold with a blow to the head. Alexis is now his helpless doll to undress and play with. Alexis does eventually wake up, and is furious to learn she was knocked out. But that doesn't stop him from doing it again.  Knocked out 3 times total.

Full Video Details:
12 minutes, 04 seconds
Only $10.99

Key highlights of video include:
  • Knocked out with a blow to the head. 3 times.
  • Limp body is played with like a doll. Arms and legs are picked up and dropped limp.
  • Dropped onto the carpet from the couch.
  • Shoes and socks removed. Bare feet examined.
  • Clothing removed. Topless and bottomless nudity.

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