Girls Getting Sleepy

Mickee's Sleepy Adventure

Mickee is sitting on her porch, talking on the phone, when suddenly she is stuck from behind with a club to the head. After a brief moment of shock, her head slumps forward and Mickee is out cold. The attacker brings her limp body back into her apartment where he continues playing with her helpless body. Mickee is eventually stripped fully nude while asleep. She wakes up four separate times throughout the session, but each time, she is put back to sleep through various other means.

Full Video Details:
13 minutes, 08 seconds
Only $10.99

Key highlights of video include:
  • Knocked out with a club to the head; slight grin before passing out
  • Chloroformed two times
  • Put to sleep with hypnosis
  • Body limp, manipulated, and played with
  • Bare feet examined
  • Brief face play
  • Rolled over onto stomach
  • Clothes removed in stages on camera
  • Obediently staggers upstairs under a hypnotic daze
  • Full nude
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