Girls Getting Sleepy

Khloe Knocked Out

Khloe keeps bugging her boyfriend about going on a date and he has heard enough.  He hits her on the head with a club and she slowly passes out.  Now, finally some peace and quite!  

While she is asleep, her boyfriend enjoys moving her around and playing with her limp body.  When she wakes up, she thinks that she simply fell asleep and doesn't remember being knocked out.  She begins bothering her boyfriend about going on a date again, so another crack to the head is what she gets instead.

Full Video Details:
15 minutes, 15 seconds
Only $11.99

Key highlights of video include:
  • Knocked out with a club to the head (5)
  • Limp and manipulated
  • Eye-check
  • Ragdolled
  • Felt up while knocked out
  • Barefoot
  • No nudity
Available in:

Standard Quality Version
WMV Format
720 x 480
Total size is 334 MB
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HD Quality Version
MP4 Format
1280 x 720
Total size is 580 MB
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