Girls Getting Sleepy

Kami and Alisha Knocked Out

Kami and Alisha were hired for a jerk off instruction/humiliation session. They don't realize the true intent of their client is to play with their limp bodies. He knocks them both out with neck pinches and they crumple to the floor. Their helpless bodies are groped, manipulated and undressed to his liking. Both girls are knocked out multiple times after waking up. Alisha even makes a deal at one point to play with Kami's sleeping body in exchange for being not knocked out again. Of course their client doesn't hold up his end of the deal. Alisha is knocked out 3 times times total, Kami 4.

Full Video Details:
13 minutes, 44 seconds
Only $10.99

Key highlights of video include:
  • Both girls are knocked out with a neck pinch.
  • Their limp bodies are played with while knocked out. Legs and arms lifted and dropped. Repositioned and felt up.
  • Face play. Eyelids lifted while asleep.
  • Clothing altered to reveal their bare chests. Boobs are groped.
  • Kami's limp hand is rubbed over his dick.
  • Kami wakes up while she is rubbing his dick. Knocked out with another neck pinch.
  • Alisha wakes up while being fondled and gets knocked out a second time.
  • Alisha makes a deal to feel up Kami's limp body and grind on her in exchange for not being knocked out again.
  • Alisha is made to knock Kami out with a neck pinch.
  • Alisha is knocked out a third time.
  • When Kami wakes up, and is knocked out a fourth time when she refuses to grind on him and call him "master".
  • Both girls barefoot and topless.

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