Girls Getting Sleepy

Kami Choked Out

Kami was watching a porn and became aroused and curious when the girl was choked while being fucked. She wants her boyfriend to do the same to her, so she presents him with the idea. Kami guides his hand to her throat, but he gets a bit carried away and chokes her unconscious. With her lying there knocked out and helpless, he can't resist playing with her limp body. He repositions her, gropes her, and undresses her to his liking. When she wakes up, Kami is furious. She confronts him about what he just did, but he chokes her out again and helps himself to another fondling session. The second time Kami wakes up, she is so mad, she tries to choke him out instead, but ends up on the receiving end once again. Knocked out 3 times.

Full Video Details:
12 minutes, 35 seconds
Only $10.99

Key highlights of video include:
  • Choked unconscious. (3 times)
  • Eye checks. Eyelids lifted while knocked out.
  • Body manipulated and played with while knocked out. Limp arms and legs lifted and dropped. Placed into different positions and observed from multiple angles.
  • Kami's limp hand is rubbed in his lap.
  • Shirt lifted to expose her bare tits. Chest groping.
  • Pants removed. Kami's ass is played with and slapped.
  • Bare feet are played with and examined.
  • Knocked out on the couch and the floor.
  • Topless and bottomless nudity.

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Kami Choked OutKami
                      Choked OutKami
                      Choked OutKami
                      Choked OutKami
                      Choked OutKami
                      Choked OutKami
                      Choked OutKami
                      Choked OutKami
                      Choked OutKami
                      Choked Out

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