Girls Getting Sleepy

Hypno Knock Out

Amanda is at home on the couch when her boyfriend enters the room and begins swinging a pocket watch in front of her eyes.  Intrigued, she cannot look away and is soon under his control and put into a hypnotic sleep.

As she lay sleeping on the sofa, her boyfriend touches and fondles her limp body.  He lifts up her dress to discover that she's not wearing any underwear.  He plants a hypnotic suggestion and then at the snap of his fingers she says, "Yes, master, I will remove my dress", which she does while still asleep.

Now she is completely naked as he continues to touch and grope her sleeping body.  Finally, her sex deprived boyfriend has had enough and with another snap of his fingers, she replies, "Yes, master, I will go to the bedroom" as she sleepwalks down the hallway and into the bed.  

While still sleeping, she is manipulated further.

Full Video Details:
9 minutes, 35 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Put to sleep with hypnosis using a swinging watch
  • Fondled and groped while in a hypnotic sleep
  • Eye checks
  • Sleepwalking
  • Full Nudity
  • Fantasy sex implied (no sex takes place)
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