Girls Getting Sleepy

Guliana and Lily Knocked Out

Guliana and Lily are on a weekend trip to the city to do some sight seeing and check out the restaurants. They check into their hotel, but unknown to them, they've caught the attention of one of the staff on their way up to their room. As they're getting settled, he offers them some fresh towels for the bathroom. While Lily is in the other room, he hits Guliana over the head with a club. Her eyes roll up and she passes out cold onto the bed. Next is Lily's turn. She enters the bedroom and thinks her friend has simply fallen asleep. While she's trying to wake Guliana, Lily is hit over the head by the work and she too passes out cold onto the bed. Both of the girls are now limp and helpless. The worker plays with their unconscious bodies. He waits long enough for the girls to wake up two separate times, just so can have the pleasure of knocking them out all over again.

Full Video Details:
14 minutes, 41 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Guliana is hit over the head with a club and knocked unconscious.
  • Lily comes out of the bathroom and discovers her friend unresponsive. She tries to wake her up and gets hit over the head and knocked out herself.
  • The girls' limp bodies are played with. Arms and legs are raised and dropped limp.
  • Both girls are dropped onto the floor from the bed.
  • After some time has passed, both girls wake up at the same time. They are confused as to what happened as they pick themselves up off of the ground.
  • The hotel worker sneaks up on both girls from behind and hits them both over the head, one after the other. Their eyes roll up and they both fall to the floor.
  • Their limp bodies continue to be played with by the hotel worker.
  • The girls wake up one at a time, mysteriously placed in their beds. But as soon as they open their eyes, they are knocked back out with another hit over the head.
  • Each girl is knocked out a total of 3 times.
  • Barefoot.
  • No nudity.
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