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Fae Put to Sleep - CGV

This video was previously released on ChloroformedGirlsVideos.  That site has now been merged with GirlsGettingSleepy.  The video and description below have been slightly edited to fit more with the theme of this website.

Fae is my beautiful girlfriend. So beautiful, in fact, that I wanted her to star in my very first knock out film. I planned the production carefully, keeping her up late one night drinking, as I slipped something in her drink (not shown in video) so she would sleep through the next day. When morning came, I gently slipped out of bed to begin what would become my newest fascination in cinema.

Full Video Details:
28 minutes, 41 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • First-person perspective
  • In a deep sleep
  • Intimate, close-up pan of entire body
  • Extended limp hand playing
  • Eye checks and face playing
  • Carried
  • Completely undressed

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