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Chris Limp and Manipulated - CGV

This video was previously released on ChloroformedGirlsVideos.  That site has now been merged with GirlsGettingSleepy.  All content has been kept intact and unchanged, except for the choking scene. That scene has been shortened to fit with the theme of this site. The actual point at which Chris passes out is not shown, but only implied. Focus is heavily placed on limp play.

Chris wants an erotic shoulder rub from her boyfriend, but he has something a little different in mind. He has a knock out fetish and wants to make a home video for his personal enjoyment. Her boyfriend has set up a camera and slipped on a mask, ready for his directorial debut. Just while Chris gets nice and relaxed, he quickly puts her into a choke hold and makes her pass out. Now with his girlfriend nice and knocked out, he plays with her limp body as a toy, recording every moment.

Full Video Details:
19 minutes, 09 seconds
Only $12.99

Key highlights of video include:
  • Third person perspective
  • Choked unconscious
  • Limp face play
  • Limp wrist play
  • Picked up and moved
  • Cradle carried
  • Topless, in panties

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720 x 480
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