Girls Getting Sleepy

Chris Hypnotized & Knocked Out

Chris is hypnotized by her roommate and ordered to walk like a mindless slave repeating, "I am your hypnotized zombie slave".  Shortly after, she is given a club to knock herself out with, which she does.  Upon regaining consciousness, she is hypnotized again and made to knock herself out all over again. While she sleeps, her eyes are checked and body moved around, as we get a peak at what is under her dress.

When she wakes again, she is re-hypnotized and made to strip down to her bra and panties while walking like a zombie. She is knocked out one final time as she is sleepwalking, this time by her roommate.

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Full Video Details:
09 minutes, 56 seconds
Only $8.99

Key highlights of video include:
  • Swinging watch inductions (3)
  • Head knock outs (3)
  • Lots of "yes, master" talk and other various mantras chanted
  • Sleepwalking/zombiewalking scenes
  • Eye checks
  • Body manipulated
  • Bra and panties
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