Girls Getting Sleepy

Chloro Revenge

Victoria finds that her boyfriend has been seeing another girl named Ellie. She decides to pay them a little surprise visit, and when Ellie doesn't cooperate with her request for her to leave, Victoria knocks her out with a dose of chloroform. At first her boyfriend is scared, but soon finds the situation strangely erotic and allows it to continue. Victoria manipulates Ellie's sleeping body, wrinkling and posing her bare feet to her boyfriend's pleasure. When Ellie wakes up, it's her turn for revenge on the unsuspecting Victoria, who now is the victim of a chloroform knock out. Ellie gets her turn to play with sleeping Victoria, just before being knocked out again, this time by her boyfriend.

Full Video Details:
15 minutes, 02 seconds
Only $11.99

Key highlights of video include:
  • Ellie chloroformed by Victoria
  • Victoria chloroformed by Ellie
  • Ellie chloroformed again by her boyfriend
  • Eye checks
  • Limp hand play
  • Each girl plays with the other girl's sleeping body, moving limbs, removing shoes, and inspecting feet
  • Each girl barefoot
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768 x 432
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1280 x 720
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