Girls Getting Sleepy

Brooke Knocked Out & Hypnotized

Brooke is on her computer when a man sneaks in and hits her on the head, sending her to the floor unconscious.  When she eventually wakes up, she gets hypnotized and put in a trance. She stands with her arms out in a daze repeating mantras as she gets knocked out again.  She is manipulated and touched while knocked out and in a trance.

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Full Video Details:
6 minutes, 26 seconds
Only $4.99

Key highlights of video include:
  • Multiple knock outs (3)
  • Hypnotized with pocket watch
  • Manipulated and fondled
  • Eye checks
  • Topless
Available in:

HD Quality Version
MP4 Format
1280 x 720
Total size is 274 MB
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