Girls Getting Sleepy

Alora and Lily Put to Sleep

Alora and Lily are flirting with their repair man, in an almost competitive way. He's not interested in their games and decides to show them a quick little magic trick. He hypnotizes both of them into a very deep sleep. Now that it's quiet, he plays with their limp bodies and takes pleasure in his handy work with the two sleepy ladies. He makes them rub each others feet in their sleep, and helps himself to handful of Alora's tits along the way.

Full Video Details:
12 minutes, 04 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • The girls are put into a deep sleep through hypnosis, using a pocket watch as the focal point.
  • Limp bodies are played with while asleep. Arms and legs are lifted and then dropped repeatedly.
  • Lily's socks are removed and feet inspected. Alora's limp hand is made to grab Lily's foot.
  • The girls begin to chant mantras in their sleep while Alora continues to rub Lily's foot.
  • Both girls are made completely limp again at the snap of his fingers. Limbs are manipulated while asleep.
  • Lily is made to rub Alora's feet while both remain asleep.
  • Alora's chest is groped by him while asleep.
  • Alora is made to pull her tits out of her bra and then made completely limp again. He fondles her bare chest.
  • He sneaks out the back door and leaves the girls in a deep hypnotic sleep.
  • Lily - no nudity.
  • Alora - topless nudity.
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