Girls Getting Sleepy

A Relaxing Massage

Jennifer is checking out a massage therapist her friend recommended to her. Her friend told her that the massage was so relaxing, she doesn't even remember a thing about the session! It's no wonder though, because this massage therapist uses a creative little technique to get the patient to fall into a deep sleep. At the start of each session, he hits the client over the head with a club, putting them into a nice and relaxed state. While Jennifer lays asleep on the table, he removes her clothes and massages her body, mainly the areas that interest him the most. He puts Jennifer into erotic positions that also stretch out her leg muscles. If the client begins to wake up before the end of the session, that just means they need another bonk on the noggin. When it's all said and done, Jennifer wakes up feeling great, minus a slight headache that she is told is nothing to worry about. Jenifer is knocked out 3 times total.

Full Video Details:
19 minutes, 05 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Knocked out with a club over the head. 3 separate times.
  • Jennifer is knocked out on her stomach on the massage table. Her arms are played with as they dangle over the sides.
  • Jennifer's dress is pulled up so ass and legs can be massaged.
  • Jennifer's feet are massaged and her legs are picked up off the table and dropped several times.
  • Her dress is pulled up further and her bra undone. The therapist rubs her bare back and ass.
  • Still laying on her stomach, her panties are removed entirely and her legs are spread.
  • Jennifer is rolled onto her back, and her shirt and bra are removed.
  • She wakes up disoriented and asks where she is. She's hit on the forehead with the club to put her back to sleep.
  • Her legs are spread again and soles of feet pressed together.
  • Bare chest is rubbed.
  • Jennifer's limp hand is rubbed on the therapist's dick over his pants.
  • She wakes up while rubbing his dick, and gets knocked out for a third time.
  • Her legs are spread and hung over the sides of the table. Her boobs are played with while asleep.
  • Jennifer wakes up with her clothes on, and not surprisingly, remembers nothing. She feels great, aside from a slight headache, but thanks the massage therapist and leaves.
  • Full nude.

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